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Frequently Asked Questions

HOW DOES P.E.I. Local work?

P.E.I. Local has been providing a space on the web for local businesses since 2008. By listing local businesses in an easy to use format we make it easy for everyone to support local

Does it cost to list my business or is it free?

It is free to list your business for 30 days . After that it is only $45 per month and you can cancell at any time

Can I manage my content on my listing?

Absolutely! With your user name and password you can edit hours , images , wriiten content or anything at all in real time! 

What if I can't enter the information about my business?

Then we are happy to help. We believe it is our social obligation to assist local businesses thrive in a world that has been quickly turned digital. Simply hit the chat bubble on the bottom right corner of P.E.I. Local and we can give you the help you need

Why should I list on P.E.I. Local

P.E.I. Local comes up im so many search results regarding Prince Edward Island . We love that the traffic to one local business helps another get found. Together we are helping everyone support local.